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    Synergy Transcription Service

    Synergy Transcription Service has been selected for the 2017 Best of Linden Award in the Transcription category by the Linden Award Program

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    Synergy Transcription Service

    Synergy Transcription Service has been selected for the 2014 Best of Linden Award in the Transcription category by the Linden Award Program

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  • Quickest Turnaround Time

    in the Industry

    Your transcriptionists work round the clock, Dedicated to quality on services transcriptions.

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  • On Time Delivery


    Delivery commitment as per schedule & Highly security measures for your data.

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  • Quality

    Domain specific Knowledge - Transcriptionist

    We are passionate about delivering exceptional quality transcriptions.

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  • SAVE USD $1.08 / min

    Affordable Transcription Price

    We provides you with the best transcription at inexpensive rates, here by having a competitive price advantage.

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  • Accuracy Guaranteed

    Accurate Transcription

    95% Guaranteed, Combine people, Automation, Quality process.

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  • Customer Service 24/7

    Extreme support

    our dedicated customer service representatives are available 24/7 to serve you.

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Linden 2017 award win Linden 2014 award win Synergy Transcription Time management secure and quick transcription Affordable transcription Accurate transcription Accurate transcription service Good customer service

Audio Transcriptions

Why choose Synergy Transcription Service?
  • Impeccable Quality & Accuracy: 95% Guaranteed accuracy audio to text conversions. Transcribe digital and analog.
  • Affordability Redefined: Your voice to text in one place: Work as efficiently as possible, save time and money. USD $1.08/min.
  • Rush TAT: Quickest turnaround time @ affordable transcription rate.
  • Total confidentiality: We operate on highly secure and confidential infrastructure.
  • Trusted Audio Transcriptions expertise: Our audio transcribers are highly experienced, customer focused and domain specialists.
  • On Time Delivery: No matter how big or small the transcription audio is, we can
    deliver on time and within budget every time.
  • Transcriptions Success: Business honesty
    and integrity. Transparency with our clients is
    what sets us apart from our competition.
  • Amazing Customer Service: We simply listen
    to our clients. Our customer service is measurable.
    Exceptional People. Exceptional Service.
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What is Transcription Audio?

Audio to Text Services is the method of transcribing the recorded data into textual content design. In broad-spectrum, it is elegant to transcribe a wide range of video and audio signals into textual content design.

Audio transcriptions @ Synergy Includes:

  • One to one and multiple participant
  • Minute meetings, business meeting
  • Conference and seminar audio to text conversions

All our audio transcriptions are reliable, affordable, and professional as well as accurate.

We at Synergy offers detailed voice to text conversion, constructing interpretation of back ground noises if desired. This can include door or gate opening & closing, coughing, pauses, laughter, words are typed as its said i.e. gonna, wanna and cause, engine starts, tapping, squeaks and other noises that could have a bearing on legal cases and investigations, corporate meetings and evaluations, 911 calls, etc.

Audio Transcription Categories

  • Verbatim - Intelligent
  • Verbatim
  • Non Verbatim

There are two categories of voice to text process. They are

  • Analog voice to text process
  • Digital voice to text process

We accept and transcribe all kinds of audio recording formats.

We provide editing and business audio to text translation services for a broad range of business related documentation needs; but not limited to annual meetings, training sessions, interviews, talks of press conferences, strategic-planning sessions, seminars, webinars, board meetings, business surveys, employee focus group sessions, financial reports, workers' comp statements, company reports, conferences, symposiums, investor relations and many more.

Audio Transcriptions Formats

General conversion text formats consist of

  • Audio to Text
  • Audio to MS Word
  • Audio to HTML
  • Audio to xHTML
  • Audio to XML
  • Audio to PDF

Audio Transcriber

There is no such thing as a "generic audio to text translation." Each voice to text is different and each speaker is unique. That's why we have put together a comprehensive team of audio transcriber's specialists who bring their skills and experience to your voice to text translation - so you can get the best possible quality transcription audio.

Audio Transcriber Core Values

Our clients is driven by our six core values:

  • Accurate Audio to Text - always
  • Creating client-centered value
  • Delivered on time, right - every time
  • Taking care of our domain specific audio transcribers and proof readers
  • Building strong, long lasting relationships
  • Having respect for all people and ideas

Audio to Text translation offers a wide range of benefits to various businesses.

  • To web accessibility
  • To marketing professional
  • To SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Video to Text conversion and closed captioning improves accessibility on YouTube.

To provide better Cheap Transcription Service to the clients, Synergy offers a wide array of other Transcript Service like Meeting Audio To Text Conversion, Corporate Voice To Text Translation. Please check our Free Video Transcription trial offer.

If you are looking for a trusted & affordable voice to text provider, Call our Toll Free: 1-877-221-0378 or email us

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