• 2017 Best of Linden Award

    Synergy Transcription Service

    Synergy Transcription Service has been selected for the 2017 Best of Linden Award in the Transcription category by the Linden Award Program

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  • 2014 Best of Linden Award

    Synergy Transcription Service

    Synergy Transcription Service has been selected for the 2014 Best of Linden Award in the Transcription category by the Linden Award Program

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  • Quickest Turnaround Time

    in the Industry

    Your transcriptionists work round the clock, Dedicated to quality on services transcriptions.

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  • On Time Delivery


    Delivery commitment as per schedule & Highly security measures for your data.

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  • Quality

    Domain specific Knowledge - Transcriptionist

    We are passionate about delivering exceptional quality transcriptions.

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  • SAVE USD $1.08 / min

    Affordable Transcription Price

    We provides you with the best transcription at inexpensive rates, here by having a competitive price advantage.

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  • Accuracy Guaranteed

    Accurate Transcription

    95% Guaranteed, Combine people, Automation, Quality process.

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  • Customer Service 24/7

    Extreme support

    our dedicated customer service representatives are available 24/7 to serve you.

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Linden 2017 award win Linden 2014 award win Synergy Transcription Time management secure and quick transcription Affordable transcription Accurate transcription Accurate transcription service Good customer service

Verbatim Transcription

Why choose Synergy Transcription Service?
  • Rely on us to deliver accurate transcription, when you want them and how you want them.
  • Flexible affordable pricing packages for all Audio & Video Verbatim Transcription. USD $1.08/min.
  • Flexibility, responsiveness and rapid turn around time.
  • The Expertise to tackle the most challenging Verbatim Transcriptions.
  • Operational Excellence. 95% On-time Delivery. Your time. Every time.
  • Customer-Focused Approach. Strict security policy.
  • We are committed to customer satisfaction; customer delight is mandatory 24 * 7 * 365.
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Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim transcription captures every word and sound on the recording as they are spoken, along with non-verbal communication such as fillers, repeated words/sentences, incomplete sentences (false starts), random words and even the 'ums' and the 'ers', exclamations, gasps, grammatical errors and even throat clearing. It represents exactly the live conversation or speech as it happened.

Verbatim Transcription is best for research transcription, PhD interviews (Transcription Interview), market research interviews (Interview Transcription Services), movie scripts, B-roll transcription, and other projects or interviews (Interview Transcripts) where HOW something is said is equally important as WHAT's being said.

We have 4 service level for Verbatim Transcription:

  • Transcription + Proofreading
  • Transcription + QA
  • Post Editing
  • Final Certification

Synergy one of The Transcription Company offers a wide array of other Transcription Service: Transcribe Audio, Speech Transcription, Transcription of Interview, Movie Transcripts, Transcription Conference, Meeting Transcription, Corporate Transcription, Google Voice Transcription. Rates For Transcription can be calculated in our user friendly Transcription Prices calculator.

To learn more about our transcription services, please call us @ Toll Free: 1-877-221-0378 or email us sales@synergytranscriptionservices.com. We look forward to working with you!

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