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Business Transcription

All communications between two or more people in a business corporation like board meetings, brainstorming sessions, group discussions, training seminars/workshops, annual meetings, feedback sessions, press meets/conferences, interviews, presentations, Q&A sessions, webcasts, teleconferences etc is business transcription.

Whatever area of business your transcriptions involve, we can assign a specialist transcriber who has an in-depth understanding of the relevant subject matter. This could be in areas such as finance and accounting or human resources. If you require Accurate Transcription of marketing and advertising materials we will select transcribers who have copywriting experience, to achieve an effective, accurate transcription. We ensure that the transcribers handling Business Transcription Service have a proven knowledge of relevant business practice and theory.

Business Transcription Service

The lack of specialized business transcriptionists in a Transcription Company pushes you to have your business meeting or recordings transcribed by the reserve staff. Needless to say, such an exercise will cut into the quality of your transcripts coming as a result of the one-size-fits-all approach to transcribing.

We guarantee that your deadline will be met for your Business Transcription Service, provided that our lines of communication remain open.

To provide better Cheap Transcription Service to the clients, We have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients in the professional, private and educational (Educational Transcription) sectors, giving us the experience and expertise to handle various transcription services of any scale. Synergy offers a wide array of other Transcript Service like Meeting Transcription, Telephone Transcription, Verbatim Transcription, Sermon Transcription, Corporate Transcription, Market Research Transcription, Google Transcription. Please check our Free Video Transcription trial offer.

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