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Why choose Synergy Transcription Service?

  • High Accuracy

    Synergy is expertise to tackle the most challenging transcriptions. Premium quality with every google transcription services.

  • Quick TAT

    Flexible pricing structure @ Quickest Turn-around-Time (TAT).

  • Cost Effective

    We believe in providing value to our clients with quality transcription at competitive rates. USD $1.08/min.

  • Free Trial

    We can offer this no obligation free trial offer because of our proven performance.

  • Why select 100% Human Transcription service Over Automated Transcription?

    “ top reasons Why Human Transcriptionists Provide Higher Quality of Transcripts Than Automated Transcription Software”

    • Humans Can analyze Background Noise

    • Humans Can Understand Different Accents & Dialects

    • Humans Can Differentiate Between Homophones (To, Too, Two)

    • Humans Are able to Identifying Any Number Of Individual Speakers

    • Automated machine Transcription Services Require A Hybrid Model To Achieve 99% Accuracy.

    Automated transcription services have their particular purpose. They can deliver transcription services quickly, so long as very specific rules are met. However, if you need accurate and high quality transcription services, speech recognition machine software will never be able to deliver results like 100% human transcriptionists.

    Don’t waste your time transcribing your recordings with automatic software, try 100% human transcription done by Synergy Transcription.

    Also we provide:

    • google transcription service

    • google audio transcription

    • google voice transcription

    • google voicemail transcription

    • google docs transcription

    • google voice voicemail transcription

    • google speech to text

    • google video transcription

    • google voice to text

    Synergy Transcription Services now handles wide array of Transcription Services like Google Audio Transcription from various corporate clients drawn from all sectors.

    Synergy Transcription Services is an international Transcription Company, not a transcription agency. It is driven by an in-house team - skilled transcribers, proofreaders, IT and project managers and an accounting team. Workflows are aligned individually to meet client requirements.

    Other Services Transcription Synergy Provides: General Transcription Services, Google Voice Transcription, Google Voice Voicemail Transcription, Podcast Transcript, Educational Transcription, Transcription Insurance, Conference Transcription, Transcribe Audio to Text and many more. Please check out competitive Transcription Rate. Please check our Free Audio Transcription trial offer. Please check out competitive.

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