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Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim transcription captures every word and sound on the recording as they are spoken, along with non-verbal communication such as fillers, repeated words/sentences, incomplete sentences (false starts), random words and even the 'ums' and the 'ers', exclamations, gasps, grammatical errors and even throat clearing. It represents exactly the live conversation or speech as it happened.

Verbatim Transcription is best for research transcription, PhD interviews (Transcription Interview), market research interviews (Interview Transcription Services), movie scripts, B-roll transcription, and other projects or interviews (Interview Transcripts) where HOW something is said is equally important as WHAT's being said.

We have 4 service level for Verbatim Transcription:

  • Transcription + Proofreading
  • Transcription + QA
  • Post Editing
  • Final Certification

Synergy one of The Transcription Company offers a wide array of other Transcription Service: Transcribe Audio, Speech Transcription, Transcription of Interview, Movie Transcripts, Transcription Conference, Meeting Transcription, Corporate Transcription, Google Voice Transcription. Rates For Transcription can be calculated in our user friendly Transcription Prices calculator.

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