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Audio Transcription Services

  • Audio transcription is the converting audio or video speech to plain text in the desired language. Synergy Transcription Services offers professional audio transcription services starting at USD $1.08/min. Audio to text transcription service is done in Synergy Transcription Services is easily the cheap cost that you won’t find anywhere else in the globe.

Synergy Transcription Services California, USA provides the most efficient online audio transcription service through our dedicated, highly trained and well skilled transcriptionists. We have the most dedicated audio transcriptionists in our team who can work over the most disturbed quality audio.

Cheap audio transcription services

We provide the most cheap & accurate Audio transcription services at the best & most competitive audio transcription rates that you can find.

We Provide Transcription Services In The Following Cities/Countries

California , USA | Arizona USA | Newyork USA | New jersey USA | Sacramento |Sanfrancisco | San jose | Los angeles| San Diego | Tijuana | Phoneix | Tucson | Albany NY | Rochester NY

Superior Quality Transcriptions

At Synergy Transcription, our accuracy levels are greater than 98% and We operate on highly secure and confidential infrastructure. Our audio transcribers are highly experienced, customer focused and domain specialists. No matter how big or small the transcription audio is, we can deliver on time and within budget every time.

24X7 Customer Support

We simply listen to our clients. Our customer service is measurable. Exceptional People. Exceptional Service.

Our friendly customer service team, available 24X7 via phone and email.

Flexible Pricing with Free Trial Option

Our rates for transcriptions are affordable & flexible pricing. For large transcription projects, we also offer our clients a free trial option for 5 Mins.

What Is Audio Transcription?   +

Audio to Text Services is the method of transcribing the recorded data into textual content design. In broad-spectrum, it is elegant to transcribe a wide range of video and audio signals into textual content design.

Audio transcriptions @ Synergy Includes:

  • One to one and multiple participant

  • Minute meetings, business meeting

  • Conference and seminar audio to text conversions

All our audio transcriptions are reliable, affordable, and professional as well as accurate.

We at Synergy offers detailed voice to text conversion, constructing interpretation of back ground noises if desired. This can include door or gate opening & closing, coughing, pauses, laughter, words are typed as its said i.e. gonna, wanna and cause, engine starts, tapping, squeaks and other noises that could have a bearing on legal cases and investigations, corporate meetings and evaluations, 911 calls, etc.

We accept audio transcription services for the following file formats:

  • mp4

  • mpeg

  • mp3

  • aiff

  • dvd

  • divx

  • avi

  • wma

  • wmv

  • qtff

We provide audio transcription services for the following languages:

  • French Audio Transcription

  • Japanese Audio Transcription

  • Arabic Audio Transcription

  • Russian Audio Transcription

  • Korean Audio Transcription

  • Italian Audio Transcription

  • Spanish Audio Transcription

  • Marathi Audio Transcription

  • Chinese Audio Transcription

  • Latin Audio Transcription

  • Greek Audio Transcription

  • Many More Languages

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