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Our Transcription Prices

  • Synergy Transcription Services provides you with the best transcription at inexpensive rates, here by having a competitive price advantage. Our rates and the quality of the transcripts delivered, keep our clients coming back to us. Our transcription services affordable & flexible. Avail @ USD $1.08/min.

  • We are dedicated to quality. Our domain specific transcribers are highly experienced and customer focused, No hidden fees. Our transcription rates are calculated on an hourly basis. The types of recording and the effort involved are factors which evaluate the price.

Audio Quality

  • The Quality of the Audio will have an impact on the rate. This is how we categorized the audio quality


Category - A

  • Broadcast quality recordings

  • Neutral accent

  • No background noise

  • No time coding or Time stamping

  • One to One Interview/Speech/Lectures/Oral History/Web Conferences

  • Professionally recorded audio

  • Standard turnaround time

Category - B

  • Background noise

  • Client specific formatting

  • Group discussions

  • Low quality digital files

  • Multiple speakers

  • Outdoor recording

  • Poor Recording quality due to inferior equipment

  • Speakers using English as a second language

  • Standard Time stamping or Time coding

  • Subjective Transcription

  • Technical subject matter

  • Telephone recordings

Category - C

  • Defective Recordings

  • Heavy accent

  • Heavy background noise that interferes with the speech

  • Multiple speakers with voice overlaps

  • Special formatting requirements or specifications

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Factors that Affect Transcription Rates

Category A 4 to 6 hours of effort per hour of audio recording.
Category B 8 to10 hours of effort per hour of audio recording.
Category C Will vary depending on the audio quality and formatting requirements.

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Involves, converting speech to text, proof reading and editing. The time requirement for quality check will vary from case to case.

Payment Terms and Conditions

  • We accept PayPal.

  • A service charge of 3% is charged for all payments made via PayPal or Google Checkout.

  • An 50% upfront payment for all audio and video transcriptions.

  • Additional charges will apply for transcriptions done during weekends and holidays.

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As part of the Synergy Transcription Services we also offer the following Transcript Services to meet your Accurate Transcription needs: Transcribe Audio To Text, Audio Transcript, Podcast Transcript, Legal Transcription Services, Transcription Interview, Video Transcript. Visit Transcription Prices calculator page to calculate your Transcription Rate.

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