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Why choose Synergy Transcription Service?

  • Affordable price and most ethical standards in the transcription industry. USD $1.08/min.

  • Our commitment is to provide the premium quality by not only outstanding transcriptions, but by the unique Synergy Experience.

  • We strive to provide a quick turn-around time, quality and accurate transcription.

  • Keeping customer information secure, and using it only as our customers would want us to, is a top priority for us.

  • All our transcribers are highly skilled and qualified in their respective domains.

  • Commitment to customer satisfaction. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Our team works together to make that possible.

  • One stop shop for all your transcription needs 24 * 7 * 365.

Accuracy as Standard

It seems evident that a good transcription should be "accurate", but we need to be careful about how we ensure accuracy.

First, we need to make sure everyone involved understands the purpose and context of the transcription. So we employ Project Managers who are qualified professional Transcriptionist and have a wide range of experience. We have several techniques, which include business practice / policies as well as technology, to try and ensure that if we pick the right team of transcribers, we can then keep that team available for that account over time. This use of teams is at the heart of what we do. We have a deep pool of experienced; professionally qualified transcribers and we select the people with exactly the right experience

Professional Transcription Services

To deliver an accurate, Professional Transcription Services, a professional transcriber should be:

  • Be aware of the latest expressions and idioms

  • Keep up with events, trends, and technology

  • Have translated at least 50 transcriptions.

  • Be appropriately qualified in their technical areas

  • All our transcribers are highly skilled and qualified in their respective domains.

  • Have working industry experience for the material they transcribe.

To provide better Professional Transcription services to the clients, Synergy Transcription America offer others Transcription Services like Business Transcription, Legal Transcription, Transcription Interview, TV Transcripts, General Transcription, Conference Call Transcription, Voicemail To Text Transcription, Google Voice Transcription, Google Voice Mail Transcription. Please check our Free Video Transcription trial offer. Rates For Transcription can be calculated in our user friendly Transcription Price calculator.

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