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Why choose Synergy Transcription Service?

  • Flexible Research Transcription solutions, tailored to your business.

  • We ensure consistent quality process throughout the transcription lifecycle.

  • Services your transcription accurately, timely, and with the utmost in professionalism.

  • Save money ($$$). Transcribe better. Our rates for transcriptions are affordable. The result is that you pay less and transcript more / save more. USD $1.08/min.

  • Accuracy, competitive rates and a quick turnaround are our commitments to you.

  • Keeping customer information secure, and using it only as our customers would want us to, is a top priority for us.

  • Our motto is 'Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations'. This motto guides our transcriptionist, editors and customer service team. 24 * 7 * 365.

Research Transcription

Nowadays, businesses of all sizes choose to outsource research transcription requirements to trustworthy transcription services companies that have established a reputation for providing accurate and timely services.

Benefits by outsourcing research transcription:

  • Cost-effective option

  • Proficiently organize your market research records

  • Allows you to concentrate on core business activities without sacrificing quality of service in the back-office.

Technology has a powerful impact on the field of Research Transcription. We, at Synergy Transcription Services understand the fact that keeping in touch with the latest technological trends will help us to enhance the quality of research transcription services we offer our clients. Therefore, we always keep ourselves updated with the latest trends in the market.

Research Transcription Services

By collaborating with Synergy Transcription Services for your research transcription services, you can enjoy savings on time and money without compromising on work quality.

Our domain specific transcribers have extensive knowledge in below types of researches, but not limited to

  • Action research

  • Applied research

  • Basic research

  • Clinical trials research

  • Epidemiological research

  • Evaluation research

  • Literature review

  • Qualitative research

  • Quantitative research

  • Service or program monitoring and evaluation

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