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    Petite transcription delivery timeframes.

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    Synergy Transcription Services respects your privacy and protects your security and confidentiality very seriously.

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    Highly experienced and motivated transcriptionists with exceptional vocabulary and listening skills

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    Highly experienced and motivated transcriptionists with exceptional vocabulary and listening skills

Services Transcription Free Trial Offer?

Skype is a voice communication over the Internet, which turns your computer into a telephone. Skype helps businesses to simplify the inner-office communications and national, international communications. Basically your business can run as a virtual company.

By default, Skype does not have a recording facility. Skype provides add on applications to the audio and video conversations.

Skype Transcription is the process of converting the Skype audio and video speech into manual scripts.

SkypeCasts is a method to have conversations with people within the company (stationed in various parts of the world) or external (like suppliers, customers, prospects, leads, hr etc).

We provide a high-end custom Skype transcription at an affordable price. You will never sacrifice quality for price at Synergy Transcription Services.

With a progressive client base and sustained growth year after year, Synergy Transcription Services is capable of providing the market with accurate, quality Skype transcription, now and into the future.

Skype Transcription Services

Skype Transcription Services can be categorized into three parts. They are:

  • Skype Trancription Services – Audio

  • Skype Transcription Services – Video

  • Skype Transcription Services – Voicemail

Advantages of Skype Transcription Services

  • SkypeCasts are audio or video formatted. Search engine can’t index the audio or video formatted information.

  • To attract the global audience, it is advisable to publish the text format of SkypeCasts to reduce the Accent barrier.

  • Benefits to Web Accessibility. Skype Transcription is very much useful for Hearing Impairment, Cognitive Disabilities person.

As part of the Synergy Transcription Services we also offer the following Transcript Services to meet your Accurate Transcription needs: Audio To Text Transcription, Legal Transcription Services, Video To Text Transcription Visit Transcription Prices calculator page to calculate your Transcription Rate.

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