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Terms and Conditions

  • Synergy Transcription Services reviews the quality of recording once received from the clients (audio/video file) and confirms the audio category. Rates, TAT and quality depend on the audio category. Click here for the audio category categorization. The transcription of Category-C audio is at risk of the client and Synergy Transcription Services may request full upfront payment for Category-C audios.

  • Synergy Transcription Services requires the clients to make a 50% upfront payment of the estimated cost. For more explanation please call 1-877-221-0378 and provide us with your contact information (Telephone or Mobile number, e-mail address and best time to call) for us to get back.

  • Once an invoice is raised and sent to the client, payment is due within 10 days from the date of invoice. If there are any concerns, this should be reverted within 5 days from the date of invoice.

  • Synergy Transcription Services invoices are payable by the respective client.

  • Quality delivered for the No Obligation Trial indication the quality of transcriptions Synergy Transcription Services provides.

  • Under no circumstance will Synergy Transcription Services accept "Master" or "Original" materials. Client hereby acknowledge that the materials submitted to us, be it VHS, DVD, MiniDV, DVCAM, Audio Cassette, or any other type of media, are of no commercial value.

  • Synergy Transcription Services will not be responsible for any loss or damage of materials submitted by client, including, losses or damage that may occur while shipping back the materials to client.

  • Client accepts that seldom, there may be unavoidable inaccuracies due to audio quality, vague regional language or slang, unusual proper names and nouns in rare circumstance.

  • Transcription services delivered by Synergy Transcription Services do not include any research or proofing to confirm the correct spelling of proper nouns, technical jargon, geographical locations and slang. The client also acknowledges that words spoken are often different from proper grammar. In particular, most people talk in prolonged sentences. Synergy Transcription Services will do its best to determine when a sentence ends and the next begins. However, clients have to accept that this is an assessment and have to agree that Synergy Transcription Services will make no attempt to correct grammar

  • Any claims of deficiency made by the client must be presented within 10 days; the completed transcripts will be forwarded to the e-mail address of the client which was specified while setting up the account with Synergy Transcription Services.

  • Synergy Transcription Services offers rush services defined as transcription that is performed within 24 business hours and 50% to 70% upfront payment on receipt of materials from client. However, there is a restraint on how much Rush Service material we can handle at any given time. Client agrees to contact Synergy Transcription Services in advance before submitting any materials for a Rush Service. Synergy Transcription Services accepts a Rush TAT service at the risk of the client and if the transcriptions are not delivered within the said time frame the payment will be refunded.

  • Transcription services carried out on Weekends and HOLIDAYS will be charged extra. For more explanation please call 1- 877- 221- 0378.

Synergy Transcription Services only has the right to change the Terms of Service. If modified by Synergy Transcription Services the Terms of Service will be posted on our web-site.

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