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  • Private web server

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Firewalls & Antivirus software

  • Password protected systems

  • Data Encryption, & Security Training

  • Strict administrative principles & policies

  • Dedicated & Independent Server Administrator

  • Quality Control

Synergy Transcription Services is a one stop company for all your transcription services needs. Business - Insurance - Education - Financial - Legal - Medical - Technical - Marketing and the list goes on. We have in-house professional transcriptionist specializing in these and many other subject areas.

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Transcript Service

At Synergy Transcription, we take the security, privacy & confidentiality concerns of our customers very seriously for our transcript services. We follow comprehensive latest technology & process to ensure that our clients are fully secured with all the data and the project work they provide to our company.

Synergy Transcription Services uses secure private web servers. We do not operate our data sharing platforms on shared web servers. Our technical systems both hardware and software are updated constantly to ensure absolute protection.

Transcriptions Service

All knowledge and information provided by our clients and potential clients for transcript service is always considered privacy & confidential and treated as such regardless of the nature of the exchange. All client information remains the intellectual property of the client and will be held strictly confidential by our entire team of professionals.

Our confidentiality practice standards are continually reviewed and updated by our project management and client relations committee. But rules alone are sometimes not enough. We were among the first professional Transcriptions Service companies in the world to adopt a rigorous confidentiality audit program. Each month, our document relay systems and professional transcribers are tested, examined, and evaluated. Changes are made to prevent unauthorized access to our clients' materials and our staff never gets complacent about management of confidential information.

We offers a range of other Transcript Service like Business Transcription, Legal Transcription, Transcription Interview, TV Transcripts, General Transcription, Conference Call Transcription, Voicemail To Text Transcription, Google Voice Mail Transcription. Please check our Free Audio Transcription trial offer. Rates For Transcription can be calculated in our user friendly Transcription Prices calculator.

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